Welcome To The 2016 IKYF Seminar In Amsterdam

Welcome to the website that gives information about the 2016 IKYF Seminar in Amsterdam. The 2016 Seminar is special this year as it coincides with the 10th Anniversary of the International Kyudo Federation (IKYF).

This is the 5th Kyudo event organized by the Kyudo Renmei Nederland (KRN). Four of these events were organized under the auspices of the European Kyudo Federation (1985 Zaandam, 1992 Zuidlaren, and 2004 and 2005 in The Hague). The 2016 Seminar will be the first one that the KRN organizes for the International Kyudo Federation. We are happy that we can use the Sporthallen Zuid in Amsterdam for our event which is a beautiful location.

The website offers you information on the various elements of the Seminar, the Koryu Enbukai that will be organized to commemmorate the 10th Anniversary of the IKYF, the Anniversary Reception and other Seminar related information. In addition we will provide participants with relevant information that will make this seminar for everyone a success. Please check out the various tabs in the navigation bar to look at the available information. We advise to come back to the website regularly as we will add more information if and when available.

The website is also the starting place to check out accomodation for your stay, public transportation in Amsterdam and more. When you have questions please check out the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) tab which may already contain the answer. If you have a question that is not covered in the FAQ section you may use the Contact form. We will do our utmost to answer your questions as quickly as possible.

We hope that you will have a very good seminar.

The Organizing Committee

Lost and found

During a long seminar it is inevitable that things will be lost. We will list the items lost and found on this page, so you can contact our renmei on whether you wish to get your belongings back, and how to achieve this. Please do not contact us unless you can prove that you actually own the item, we would like to have the items end up with their rightful owner.

We will take all items to the Benkyukai in Paris in september where a number of shogo will be present for training. We hope the shogo will be able to return the items to the rightfull owners in their own countries. Please let us know which items belong to you along with your name, country and dojo through the contact form. We make one exception: at the seminar two gakes/gloves were found. These items are very personal and very important in Kyudo. Therefore these items will be returned directly by mail/post to the owner. 

After 15th september we will assume that the rightful owner is no longer interested in having the item back.

Please use the contact form on the site to contact us. 

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Misplaced arrows

Three arrows were misplaced during the seminar and ended up in a wrong quiver. The current holder has contacted us and would like to return the arrows to the rightful owner. The arrows can be taken to the special Shogo meeting in Paris and taken back to the country of origin. The arrows are marked with XX75 20/15 on the shaft If you are the owner of the arrows please contact us along with your name, dojo and country and we will try to get the arrows back to you as soon as possible. 


Result Shinsa

During the seminar grading took place for shodan till rokudan and renshi. Below are the statistics for the shinsa. 

Grade # Candidates # Passed Percentage
Shodan 116 116 100%
Nidan 77 70 91%
Sandan 103 41 40%
Yondan 91 22 24%
Godan 45 6 13%
Rokudan 11 2 18%
Renshi   0 0%


Various maintenance works for public transport

Due to maintenance work being carried out in the same period as the seminar, several busses and trams are rerouted or temporarily cancelled and replaced by shuttlebusses. Metro 50 is not affected, if you use other transportation than metro 50 to get to the venue, you may be confronted with modified or cancelled bus- or tramservices.

Please follow the link "read more" if you want to see information about ways to see if you are affected.

Names of sensei during the seminar

We are proud to be able to announce the names of the sensei who will give us their guidance during the seminar:

  • Ishikawa Takeo         Hanshi 9th dan
  • Okazaki Hiroshi        Hanshi 8th dan
  • Akiyama Terumi       Hanshi 8th dan
  • Usami Yoshimitsu    Hanshi 8th dan

Also present during the Enbukai and A-seminar:
the president of the ANKF,

  • Shibata Takeshi                 Hanshi 8th dan